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Idea Media chooses a versatile toner-based digital press!| 2015-10-6


Ali Al Hashemi Trading CO LLC Qatar Branch recently installed MGI Multi Substrate Digital Press Meteor DP8700 XL+ to M/S Idea Media.



(On the left - Mr. Eslam Kamal  the Managing Director of Idea Media.

On the right - Mr. Ahmed Samir Qatar Branch Manager of Ali Al Hashemi )



The Meteor DP8700 XL+ from MGI is a versatile toner-based digital press that prints on a wide range of substrates including paper, plastic and envelopes. An exclusive MGI feature allows printing up to 47 inches long. It offers offset comparable output and no click charge.


Created for key markets such as commercial printing, in-plants, plastic card manufacturers, book printers, photo printers, and many others, the Meteor DP8700 XL+ is faster and more precise thanks to a new thinner toner and higher printing quality. It offers an economical total cost of operation.


The Meteor DP8700 XL+ features a host of capabilities designed to maximize production and ease of operation.