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Emirates Printing Press chooses the New Thermal Plate Recorder flagship 8-Page Model Delivers throughput of up to 67 Plates per Hour!| 2015-10-6


SCREEN CTP PLATERITE HD 8900Z was recently installed in M/S Emirates Printing Press in Dubai, United Arab Emirates by Ali Al Hashemi Trading Co LLC.




(Mr. Vijay Gaikwad – Pre-press & Digital Territory Manager)



The PlateRite HD 8900Z delivers the almost instantaneous response required for today’s small lots and ultrashort deadlines, providing a new level of added value for clients.


Features a 1,024-channel imaging head that utilizes GLV™ technology and is able to output 67 plates* per hour. Additionally, with A4 size 4-page plates (650 x 550 mm, 25.5" x 21.6"), it is capable of impressive high-speed output of 80 plates per hour.


A single PlateRite HD8900Z can also replace output of A4 size 8-page or smaller plates using multiple CtP units. This makes processing easier to manage, and running costs and liquid waste are lower than ever.