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Feed Bander

Feed Bander ZFB especially suitable for folded products • with automatic feeding for banding print products of all types • the ideal solution behind a folding machine with shingle delivery Feed Bander ZFB 36-30 The mobile banding machine on 4 castors is equipped with an integrated feed pusher, limit stops at the banding section and with a large reel stand including store room for reels with coated kraft paper tape or polypropylene foil. A very efficient and quick mode of operation is achieved by just inserting the piles. The banded piles are pushed towards the delivery by inserting and feeding new piles. If automatic feeding of product piles is not possible due to their nature, it is possible to feed the piles manually from the delivery side after having switched-off the feed pusher. Adjustments: • Activation of operating cycle: automatically by sensor, manually by push-button or by foot pedal • Time delay of feed pusher in automatic mode (for a better alignment of the pile) • Different widths of packages • Position of tape on the package • Tape tension • Selection of single or double banding (1 or 2 working steps respectively)

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