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Single Face Wire Stitching Machine

Heavy duty for For Bookwork & Pamphlet, side stitch & saddle stitch Highlights: Rugged, reliable stitching head. Stitch clinches from two sheets up to 23mm. Stab stitches up to 30mm. Automatic threading saves valuable time. Single table converts from flat stitching to saddle stitching in seconds - without tools. Stitching table equipped with adjustable side and back guides. Requires round wire only for all applications. Wire is flattened during feeding. Flattening is adjustable for optimum results. Reduces required wire inventory Wire guage range 20 to 26. OSHA conscious safety guards – fully enclosed shaft and flywheel. Single handle control wire feed. Quiet operation. Compact – occupies only 4 sq.ft. of floor space. Precision clutch for effective operation and minimum maintenance. Roll-type wire feed mechanism automatically adjusts for wear, assures long dependable life. Throat depth of 35.5mm. Wire snipper for increased threading efficiency. Clean, professional design.

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