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Digital Crease-Cut-Laminator
MGI Digital Finisher 360

MGI Digital Finisher 360

* Slittig * Scoring * Creasing * Perforating & * Lamination both side * ALL IN ONE PASS !

The DF360 is the perfect complement to any workflow, digital or offset. In combination with digital presses, the DF360 allows true print-on-demand applications to be combined with all-in-one finishing, resulting in a quick delivery to the customer. The expanded sheet size (up to 14 x 29” / 360 x 740 mm) accommodates longer sheet lengths (offset prints or from digital devices such as MGI’s Meteor DP60 Pro), ideal for panoramic photos, book covers with flaps, signage, quad-fold brochures, pull-out maps and other applications.

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