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Wohlenberg Automatic Binders

Wohlenberg Automatic Binders

City 4000, City e, Master e, Champion s/e.

Who works with innovative Wohlenberg technique sets new benchmarks when binding is concerned – also in economical perspective.The Wohlenberg product strategy pursues a definite goal, i.e. to offer each individual customer a machine or system which is tailored to his special needs. For this Wohlenberg provides several platforms.

City 4000 (up to 5.000 cyles/h. The ‘FAST EDITION’: Easy to handle and reliable)

With the perfect binder City 4000 Wohlenberg offers the print- and finishing industry a flexible and modular solution for the brochures production. Due to the flexibility of the system configuration solutions for every quality requirement and budget can be found.

The perfect binder City 400 is the core element of a system which can grow along with the expansion of a user’s business. The City 4000 is equipped with interfaces for the future extension to a complete perfect binding line with gathering machine, conveyor systems and three-knife trimmer.

The City 4000 is the ideal perfect binder for the medium speed range. Clearly arranged and easily accessible control elements as well as logical adjustment aids guarantee a rapid setup. Shaftless drives between gathering machines and perfect binders are installed as standard. The compact construction allows placement in the most confined of spaces. Cold glue-, hotmelt- und PUR techniques enable the user to fulfil the market requirements. Setup times are extremely short and facilitate an economical processing of even the shortest runs.

City e (Edition 4000, Edition 5000, Edition 6000)

Outstanding feature of the City e is the intelligent combination of motorized and manual adjustment. All important main functions are adjustable; motor-controlled via the Navigator SE. Based on a new platform concept the City e is available in three different speed– and specification editions, i.e. edition 4000, 5000 and 6000.

This makes the City e a flexible automatic perfect binder with an outstanding cost/performance ratio. The foredge trimming device VSS, tried and tested since years, is the means for Wohlenberg customers to economically produce high-quality gatefolded products on the City e. Fully motorized setting of all important VSS functions via the NAVIGATOR control guarantees shortest setup times. In combination with the cover folder feeder KRF the foredge trimming device VSS offers an optimal production solution.

Master e (Versatile. Motorised. Efficient)

With the motorised adjustable Master e Wohlenberg offers the bookbinders a multi-purpose perfect binder suited for all application ranges of a bookbindery. Standard brochures as well as special products, e.g. Swiss brochures, Otabind and gatefolded products can equally be processed in an economic way. The high versatility of the Master e is based on the modular machine concept which allows a quick adaption of the perfect binder to the individual, sometimes varying customer’s demands. Later integration of optional equipment is anytime possible – this allows to adapt the Master e dynamically and cost-efficient to the customer’s requirements for changing production processes.

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