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Perforating - Creasing - Slitting
Master AV

Perforating Machine Master AV

Vacuum Feed - 500 and 700 mm

Perforating - Micro Perforating - Creasing - Cutting - Half Cutting - Counting

  • Vacuum Feed
  • Two independent compressors for air and vacuum with simultaneous action
  • Electronic speed variator with frequency inverter
  • Transmission system with no chain utilisation that provides very low noise even in high speed
  • Electrical Set with general switch with luminous indication on the main panel and fuse.
  • Perforating, Micro Perforating, Cutting and Half Cutting operations made on an unique kind of matrix
  • Creasing matrix with two cavities to effect thin and medium creasing
  • Micro Perforating with 50 points per inch
  • Perforating with 10 teeth per inch (cutting: 2,09 mm - space: 0,5 mm)
  • Disks and matrixes made of heat treated and rectified special steel
  • Stabilizers disks assembled on support with adjustable pressure
  • Tables and lateral covers painted by electrostatic powder system
  • Receiver table adjustable in two height positions and four inclination positions
  • Bearing mancals with no gaskets utilisation

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