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Perforating - Creasing - Slitting

Perforating Machine Master

Perforating Machine Master is a machine with high technology, guaranteeing superior quality for the finishing required by your customers. With high performance you'll be able to perforating, micro perforating, creasing, cutting and half cutting.

Technical Specifications:

  • Plunger cylinder covered with attrition resistant synthetic rubber
  • Squares with micrometric adjustment
  • Steel receiver table painted by electrostatic powder process, that can be inclined, with squares adjustable for diferent formats of paper and magnetic frontal square
  • Set of deflecting pulleys for a perfect exit of paper to the receiver table
  • Disks and matrixes for perforating, micro perforating, cutting and half cutting made of special heat treated steel
  • Mancal projected to change the matrixes by simple and fast way, doesn't require the removal of the matrixes holder axle.
  • Disks for perforating, micro perforating, cutting and half cutting and creasing assembled on mobile supports that make the preparation of the machine easy and fast
  • Totally shielded structure built on wheels for easy maneuvering
  • Maximum production of 14.750 sheets/hour, automatically fed to A4 format
  • Two preset speeds for all paper gramatures
  • Voltage switch 110 V or 220 V
  • Monophase electrical motor - 110/220 V - 1/4CV - 60 Hz

Overal measurements

Model: 500 mm - Length: 1500 mm - Width: 830 mm - Height: 1050 mm

Model: 700 mm - Length: 1500 mm - Width: 1030 mm - Height: 1050 mm

Model 500 mm: Net Weight: 149 kg/328,49 lbs

Model 700 mm: Net Weight: 166 kg/365,97 lbs