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Film Laminating

Industrial Lamination

Description WD:-

The advantages of this model are:

High speed.

Smaller machine overall dimensions, thank to the smaller tunnel, easy operation and high accessibility for the operator, due to the possibility of sliding the coating group away from the calender group, useful in case of special cleanings or maintenance.

Wide applications and flexibility: in one equipment, it is possible to choose to produce with solvent- or water based adhesive or thermal film according to the nature and the economical advantage of the product to be laminated.

It can be equipped with the despray brushing unit and/or the despray pressing calender, useful when working with glue.

Wider widths are available on request.

Description WD2:-

This very new model offers all the advantages of a machine with separate laminating and drying calanders (to facilitate special jobs with acetate, PET and thin paper) but with price within the reach.

Description WD2 Evolution:-

This new model combines the sum of all advantages already offered by the well known model such as less adhesive consumption and big flexibility of working with water based adhesive or thermal film.

The WD2 Evo has even higher speed and special equipment which facilitates the film lamination of thin paper and that render it particularly suitable to the use of cellulose acetate film in response to the high qualitative expectations of the cosmetics industry.

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