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UV-Setter Series 400

UV-Setter Series 400

A milestone for computer-to-plate

The UV-Setter is a CtP platesetter for digital imaging of offset printing plates. What makes the UV-Setter unique is that it works with UV-sensitive plates instead of dedicated CtP plates, which are used by most other CtP platesetters on the market today.

Because you can use your inexpensive UV-sensitive plates, the UV-Setter can be easily integrated into your existing workflow processes – providing you an easy entry into the digital world of CtP printing.

With the basysPrint UV-Setter, you gain all the benefits of CtP, while still using the printing plates you know and trust – plates with characteristics and process stability that you are familiar with, and which have produced quality work for many years. Furthermore, UV-sensitive plates are more cost effective to work with and are better for the environment.

With the basysPrint UV-Setter, you can expose any plate format without restriction: from small to large formats up to 1,580mm x 3,270mm (62" x 129") – depending on the model you choose. The UV-Setter is configurable for almost all printing tasks.


Because the UV-Setter uses UV-sensitive plates, it is easily integrated into your existing workflow processes and is quickly installed. Moreover, its modular platform design enables the UV-Setter to grow with your changing needs, and can be reconfigured and adapted to new operational requirements at any time.

The UV-Setter’s intuitive, user-friendly user interface also makes it extremely easy to operate. The UV-Setter Series 400 is available with DSIł. The diode modules are long-lasting and stable, which ensures that a constant high exposure quality is maintained, even without calibration.

The Series support up to 680 x 830

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