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Express RIP (Full Ver.)

Express RIP

Express RIP (Full Version)

Harlequin Express RIP V.8 now offers higher power, higher productivity and higher flexibility in prepress, digital printing and workflow applications than ever before. It's the one commercially available native PostScript®, native PDF and native XPS RIP for the Graphic Arts market. It can seamlessly integrate with Compose's workflow and output solution. It is developed to provide you an impressive line-up of advanced screening, trapping and colour management with increased efficiency. It's the ideal RIP engine to use across all your prepress and printing operations!

      • Native support for PDF 1.7, also PDF/X-1a, PDF/X-3 and PDF/X- 4
      • Support XPS v.1.0
      • Adobe PostScript Language Level 3 compatible
      • Fully support HD photo, TIFF, JPEG & GIF files format
      • In-RIP font emulation and composite font support
      • Enhanced color management system
      • Seamless integration with Compose workflow and pressroom products
      • Supports multiple input channels
      • Compliant with the JDF 1.3 specifications
      • Multiple screening options
      • Support over 200 output devices
      • Improved multi-threaded rendering for new Duo and Quad core technologies

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