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Express WorkFlow

Express WorkFlow

Express WorkFlow

Express WorkFlow provides reliability, scalability, and efficiency to meet the ever changing demands of today’s prepress industry. It combines practical functionality with ease of use, ensuring tight integration and smooth data delivery between all processes in your prepress workflow. The newly released Express WorkFlow has been extended to provide JDF support at every stage of the production process such as ripping preference, imposition method, ink key value, folding instruction, binding and guillotine instruction, etc. In addition, many of the workflow features and the overall performance have also been greatly improved.

  • Modular based workflow system
  • Open System architecture
  • One-click configuration
  • JDF automation for greater control
  • End-to-end PDF workflow
  • Auto-Versioning Tool
  • Press Ink Optimization
  • InkScript for Ink-key Control on Presses
  • Enhanced Flatworking Productivity
  • Gapfinder 2 Support
  • Simple Job Submission
  • Remote Job Tracking
  • Configure While Print
  • Load Balancing for Maximum Productivity
  • Distributed Processing
  • Fault Tolerance
  • Powerful Imposition Packages
  • Automated Imposition

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