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Express NewsFlow

Express NewsFlow

Express NewsFlow

Express NewsFlow is a digital workflow solution designed for newspaper printing production. NewsFlow allows the user to keep pace with the ever changing needs of today's demanding print industry. Its modular based architecture makes NewsFlow easy to configure and customize for production specific workflows. NewsFlow provides tools to automate and streamline your production process such as publication planning, intelligent page pairing and automated imposition eliminating unnecessary wait time, ensuring a smoother and more efficient workflow.

Modular design adapting to the way you work

Express NewsFlow is a modular solution designed to give you maximum reliability and scalability for newspaper production. NewsFlows feature rich modules provide various levels of automation. The intuitive graphical interface simplifies selection of modules and designing workflows to suit their production environment. Multiple workflows are supported, enabling two or more tasks to occur simultaneously. Choose complete system automation or control a publication manually. The system is built on Compose's Express RIP, which ensures fast, PostScript Level 3 ripping for 1Bit Tiff - output to your imagesetter or CTP device. Proofing options allow for RIP once output many (ROOM Proofing), which ensures file integrity before final imaging to film or plate.

Publication Planner

NewsFlow's Publication Planner allows the user to plan a publication of any complexity and size, from a single page to a multi-page publication. Using a hierarchical structure the user can define custom parameters for a specific publication. This allows for flexible definition of publication contents using multiple sections and sub-sections within a publication plan.

Publication Imposition

NewsFlow's Intelligent Imposition tools allow the user to easily create 2, 4 and 8-up impositions. Users can quickly build impositions that include all plate furniture such as custom marks and colour bars. NewsFlow fully supports PDF file versions from 1.3 up to 1.7 allowing the user to create multiple imposed PDF impositions within a single section. Each imposition configuration can be instantly previewed to show page positioning on front and backs plates.

Publication Monitor

NewsFlow's intelligent page pairing feature automates the process of imposing pages. The Publication Monitor analyses incoming PDF files for the correct file name code, it then matches the page codes to the layout. Pages are automatically placed in the correct position; then Publication Monitor automatically generates imposed PDF files ready for imaging to film or plate. The color-coded layouts within the monitor then change colour to notify users the section is complete.

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