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Express FlexoFlow

Express FlexoFlow

Express FlexoFlow

Compose's Express FlexoFlow provides reliability and efficiency to meet the ever changing demands of today's flexo printing industry. A professional prepress workflow system, Express FlexoFlow combines practical functionality with ease of use ensuring tight integration and smooth data delivery between all processes in your prepress workflow. Express FlexoFlow optimizes and automates your production process and ensures data integrity, whether you are handling PDF or pure PostScript® workflow.

  • Ideal solution for Flexo Printing
  • Illustrator Plug-in for trapping, step and repeats.
  • Advanced Box-Data Library
  • Illustrator Plug-in for 3D Modelling
  • PDF or 1-bit Tiff Job Imposition
  • Dot Proofing solution for Flexo simulation

    Tailored for Flexo & Packaging Industry

    Express FlexoFlow is a simple production workflow system tailored for the growing flexographic and packaging market. It is built around our most popular Express WorkFlow architecture, allowing greater flexibility for user to configure different work path for different jobs.

    To meet some of the demanding work, Compose also put together a complete set of tools such as PaSharp and BoxPro for artwork preparation, taking care of all the time consuming work on Trapping, Ink replacement, and step and repeat well before a plate is made. To ensure what you see is what you get, Compose offers hybrid screening and Star Proof as a dot proofing solution for making plate simulation.

    Modular Based Workflow Architecture

    Based on our Express WorkFlow architecture, Express FlexoFlow is a modular solution designed to give you maximum reliability and expandability. At its heart is the Compose Express RIP – a fast, flexible version of the Harlequin RIP tailored to provide the high levels of performance and productivity you demand. And with browser-based job monitoring, submission and control, you can manage the jobs in your system from wherever you are.

    Adding PaSharp to the family, we are offering Flexo users a greter flexibility in preparing artworks, making sure higher productivity will be maintained through out. Please see detail features list on PaSharp with this link.

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