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Film Laminating
DRY 40




The thermal lamination machines have been developed with the same quality & technology as the already well known wet laminating machines. They have the combination of heat, dwell time and nip pressure to allow the use of any thermowelding film on the market, gloss & matt.

Main Advantages:

  • Greater ease to learn the lamination process
  • Rapid machine start- up
  • Excellent result of glossiness, transparence and adhesion
  • Permanent result of the end product which does not yellow or change at all times

Technical data - DRY 40/52

Usable working width (mm) - 520

Minimum size (mm) - 210x250

Maximum size (mm) - 520x760

Mechanical speed: m/min. - 40

Technical data - DRY 40/76

Usable working width (mm) - 760

Minimum size (mm) - 210x250

Maximum size (mm) - 760x1020

Mechanical speed: m/min. - 40

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