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Film Laminating
DRY 80




It has the right combination of heat, dwell time and nip pressure to guarantee a high production speed

This model offers, which the suitable optional, the possibility of simultaneous two sided lamination or the in- line embossing

Low Costs

  • No need of specialized machine- minders
  • Rapidity and easiness of adjustment at size change
  • Smaller space occupied by the machine


  • Environmental and operational friendly
  • Less waste of material is produced
  • Less energy consumption

Technical data - DRY 80/76

Usable working width (mm) - 760

Minimum size (mm) - 230x250

Maximum size (mm) - 760x1020

Mechanical speed: m/min. - 80

Technical data - DRY 80/102

Usable working width (mm) - 1020

Minimum size (mm) - 230x250 - 300x280

Maximum size (mm) - 1020x1140 - 1020x1400

Mechanical speed: m/min. - 80

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