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Film Laminating
DRY 100




The thermal laminating machines have been developed with the same quality and technology as the already well-known wet laminating machines. They have the right combination of heat, dwell time and nip-pressure to allow the use of any themowelding film on the market, gloss and matt.

Main Advantages:-

  • Greater ease to learn the lamination process
  • Rapid machine start-up
  • Excellent result of glossiness, transperance and adhesion
  • Permanent result of the end product which does not yellow or change at all times
  • This model offers the highest quality and technological sophistication in thermal lamination worldwide
  • Wide range of applications: matt and gloss polypropylene, metalized polypropylene, polyester.
  • High speed: up to 100m/min realistically achievable

Technical data - DRY 100/76

Usable working width (mm) - 760

Minimum size (mm) - 210x250

Maximum size (mm) - 760x1020

Mechanical speed: m/min. - 100

Technical data - DRY 100/102

Usable working width (mm) - 1020

Minimum size (mm) - 230 x 250 300 x 280

Maximum size (mm) - 1020 x 1140 1020 x 1400

Mechanical speed: m/min. - 80

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