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High Precision Automatic Punching Machine

FAR 4-42 High Precision Automatic Punching Machine This automatic punching machine from Rilecart has been designed specifically for small and medium sizes. Reliability, a choice of several punching tools together with an intensive market research into customers production requirements allow the FAR 4/42 to achieve the best quality standards. How does it works: Far 4/42 can be fed continuously with material of variable thickness (paper and/or light cardboard). Sheets are safely picked-up in bunches of 1,5/2 mm. each time, centred and punched with precision and accuracy. Sheets are then transported by a belt into the punching section. Punched bunches are kept in numerical sequence and collected on a separate conveyor, in shingle style, so that the following procedures are made easier. Features: • Maximum thickness per stroke: 2,5 mm. (standard 1,5 mm.) (standard 1,5 mm.) • Maximum punching size: 400 x 300 mm. • Minimum punching size: 110 x 90 mm. • Speed: up to 150 strokes per minute. • Punching distance from the edge: from 2 mm. up to 6 mm. depending on punching tools used. • Operates continuously using a pre-loading device. • Shingle style delivery table with adjustable speed. • Several punching tools for double loop binding or other mechanical binding systems. Technical Specifications: • Power Supply: 240 V single phase 50/60 Hz • Power Drive: 3 Kw • Size: L 3000 x D 700 x H 1200 mm. Stabdard punching tools • GF400/3: 400 mm., pitch 3:1”, 48 pins 3,7 x 4,0 mm. • GF400/3 5x4: 400 mm., pitch 3:1”, 48 pins 5,0 x 4,0 mm. • GF400/2: 400 mm., pitch 2:1”, 32 pins 4,7 x 5,0 mm. • GF400/2 6x6: 400 mm., pitch 2:1”, 32 pins 6,0 x 6,0 mm. Other punching tools are available on request.

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