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Semiautomatic binding machine

TP-480 MK II Semiautomatic binding machine The new TP-480 MK II T.S. is a very flexible and extremely sturdy machine, faster then any other similar model on the market and easily more economical. Simple to use due to its exclusive binding system now improved with the new wire transport that allows to bind wall calendars and skip-binding books. Outstanding for its low energy consumption, low price, operator friendliness in tough environmental conditions and low maintenance requirements. It is the true “workhorse” machine: ideal for start-up operations using the double-loop wire system. How does it works: The operator inputs the pitch, diameter and number of loops per length into the computer. The machine automatically unwinds the spool, cuts the length to the set number of loops and carries it to the binding position. The operator then inserts the pre-punched block of sheet by “hanging” it onto the waiting open wire comb. Once inserted, he has only to push the footswitch and the book is automatically carried to the closing press where it is automatically closed and placed onto a conveyor. There are no complex tools to change except for a simple closing bar which takes 1 minute to change. Modified closing press system, it allows a fast adjustment on the tools, giving better quality and roundness of the closing wire. Automatic hanger feeder with hanger former is also available. Features: • Uses wires on spools. • For all 3:1” and 2:1” pitch from 1/4” to 1”. • Maximum binding length: 450 mm. • Maximum speed: 1000 cycles per hour. Effective speed depends on operator’s ability and on the item to be bound. Technical Specifications: • Power supply: 240 V single phase 50/60 Hz • Power drive: 2 Kw • Compressed air: 6 Atm 150 lt/min. • Size: L 2900 x D 2200 x H 1400 mm. • Weight: 510 Kg.

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