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Plate processor for offset plates
Sirio TH

One of the best-selling in the word ctp plate processor.

Sirio was born at Drupa 2000 and over the years it received many different cetifications from plate and ctp manufacturers.

It has been always updated in the years also thanks to the feedback of our very expert distributors all around the world with more than 3000 installations.

Very strong, reliable machine, studied for very high production printers, available in off-line configuration or on-line with the most popular ctp systems. It is produced in 85, 120 or 150 (VLF) format.

Some of the main characterisitcs are the easy access to all the internal parts, the fast maintenance and stainless steel structure.

Water and chemistry recyclers are available as options, to make Sirio TH very ecological and with less disposal cost.

Many accessories are available for on-line installation like conveyors, corner conveyors, automatic ovens, stackers etc…

CE European and UL American marks as security rules.