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PlateRite Ultima 16000N Series 16-Page Thermal CTP

Most Productive Platesetter in its Class

The PlateRite Ultima 16000N series is the ideal output device for 4- to 16-page plates. The most productive platesetter in its class, the PlateRite Ultima 16000N produces plates for materials as diverse as black-and-white books and multicolour packaging. It incorporates innovative technologies that ensures consistent high quality, even when imaging onto the largest supported plates.

  • Capable of outputting plate sizes from 550 x 650 mm to 1180 x 1470 mm. (Optional plate sizes as small as 450 x 370 mm are possible)
  • Four imaging resolutions offered: 1,200 dpi, 2,400 dpi, 2,438 dpi and 2,540 dpi
  • Extremely energy efficient